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Infusion, Volumetric & Syringe Pumps for the Veterinary Profession
Meridian Medical - Veterinary is a specialist division supplying volumetric and syringe pumps, together with disposables giving sets to the animal care market.

Both new and fully refurbished pumps are available carrying the original manufacturer's full warranty and maintenance packages.

Having built up considerable knowledge in this field. Meridian Medical is able to recommend from a range of pump/disposable packages most suitable to your practice's environment.

With ever increasing demands for higher standards in animal veterinary care, the pumps allow for better accuracy in the infusion procedures. Used by large or small animal practices, the infusion and syringe pumps provide the veterinary surgeon with a secure and stable method in which to administer anaesthetic, blood or drugs during or after procedures.

Meridian Medical supply both new and fully refurbished pumps carrying the manufacturer's full warranty backed up by their UK based engineering team. The pumps can be supplied on a yearly maintenance basis ensuring the extended life of the device.
Asena GW Pump IVAC 597 IVAC 598 P7000 Syringe Pump
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